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After 27 years, Epic Games game gets a link -

After 27 years, Epic Games game gets a link –

Jazz Zagrobit Has received something new in recent days Link, Average 27 years after its release Original, which fixes many historical and technical issues of the Epic Games game, recently distributed by GOG.

Please note that this link is not distributed Epic games But give one Community Activists Group Integrated with the game, which has developed an update capable of resolving various technical issues that have been known for many years within the questionable topic.

Jazz Zakrabit, screen shot of the game

These are Corrections For example, one problem with not being able to complete Orbitus 2 level was that some bugs that dropped the hoverboard at various stages, the problem that prevented the collision between the character and the leaves in Jungrak, another did not allow the warships 2 and the cannons of various inconveniences to shoot.

Distributed version of Jazz Zagrobit GOG It has already been used for a version distributed by GOG, so it has already been updated or in any case will be automatically updated with this amateur but working update. For those unfamiliar with the game, this is an action platform released by Epic Games on PC in 1994, one of the various examples of that platform genre in the era of experimentation with various bizarre characters like Commander Keane and Superfrog. Try to compete with the sacred monsters like Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. Note that both Jazz Zagrobit are available on GoG.