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Microsoft beats Cortana for iOS and Android

Microsoft beats Cortana for iOS and Android

A low competitor to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant: Microsoft’s Cordana is no longer available for iOS and Android in the future. The intelligent voice assistant didn’t really catch on anyway. So the result is a little surprising, but rather late.

In early 2019, it was said that the Cordana app should disappear from Android and iOS devices by January 2020. The app, which includes listings and reminders, will not actually be available on mobile devices until April 1st. Timeline-generated content is still available on Microsoft’s Windows application, Microsoft explains. Automatic synchronization occurs when users download the task app and allow the transfer. The end of the smart speaker Harmon Gordon Invoke came via an update three weeks ago.

As The news site Kismoto reported, Microsoft continues to rely on Cordana when it comes to applications with artificial intelligence. There is talk of new surface headphones getting the newer, more productive version of Cordana. It can still search for Outlook.


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