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Microsoft also believes that Sony will work on the GamePass service

Microsoft also believes that Sony will work on the GamePass service

Rumors that he was a rival to Game Boss on the Play Station had not died down for months. Meanwhile, Microsoft believes Sony is planning something similar, they believe. “Inevitable“Maybe.

This is what Microsoft boss Bill Spencer said To IGN, Certainly knows nothing about Sony’s plans, but if Sony follows a similar path soon it will surely make sense to him.

“I think the right answer is to let your customers play the games they want to play, give them choices about where they want to play and how they build their library,” Spencer said.

Game pass is inevitable on the PS5

Based on your own experience on the team, it’sInevitable“Sony has been around the corner with a similar service. It has to innovate and keep up with the competition.

“I think the right answer is to offer the best games, deliver them on the computer, deliver them on the console, deliver them in the cloud, and make them available on the first day of subscription. I think our competitors will do the same.

So it remains to be seen whether the rumors about the PlayStation Plus update will come true, if so, it will happen soon. According to speculation, Sony is planning here A subscription in multiple tiers, Including the PlayStation Now service.

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