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Men and women advance, Elizabeth unloads Luca, Maria gives the protagonist a job

Maria de Philippi has a soft spot for him, and although his path has come to an end, he asks him to stay. Here is what happened.

Maria de Philippi was asked to work with her team

This is not the first time this has happened. Maria de Philippi particularly appreciates reserved and profound individuals who have asked some of the heroes of the dating show in the past to serve on her team. This year the Tronists Massimiliano Moligone, Samantha Curcio and Giacomo Cherni They were especially appreciated for the character and sensitivity of men and women, and Maria did the same, but only one of them proposed to join the editorial staff.

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Massimiliano Moligone and Samantha Curcio have made their choice and are happy with their other half. On Wednesday, May 20, 2021, Giacomo’s exam was recorded and he asked the lawyer Martina Grato Elios pursue their knowledge outside of courses. What did Martina answer to you? Will Carolina be angry at Giacomo’s refusal?

The classical throne, Giacomo chooses Martina, and Maria tells him to stay

According to previews of the new chapter circulating on the web, Maria de Philippi may have recommended Giacomo Cerny to work with him and his team. The presenter of both men and women greatly appreciated the video presentation of a young Tronista, who did everything himself on that occasion. The presenter congratulated her on her talent early in her career and now that the throne is over, Maria de Philippi asked her if she would like to work as a video producer for the show.

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We do not know whether Giacomo accepted it or not, but it’s definitely one of the least received projects, especially if Queen Mari asks for it. Meanwhile, this season of men and women is gearing up to close the hottest summer of 2021 with Samantha Curcio, Massimiliano Moligone and Giacomo Cherni Next September.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but he is rumored to be in high spirits. At the Throne we are getting ready for the summer break, and among the many heroes of this year Luke and Elizabeth The public has won, and at that moment the woman decides to close the knight’s doors. But are you sure he will not take his steps back? In love, basically anything can happen.