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Mega asteroid runs very close to Earth!

Mega asteroid runs very close to Earth!

An asteroid flies through space (symbol image) Photo: Imago / Trekking Images

A 120-meter asteroid called 2008GO20 will cross Earth on Sunday (July 25). According to NASA, the giant celestial body will accelerate to 30,000 kilometers per hour – at the same time approaching the Earth at twelve times the distance of the Moon.

The asteroid is therefore classified as the Apollo type due to its orbit. It is not in the process of colliding with the earth, but it can change its path.

Another large asteroid, on the other hand, could actually cause damage to Earth at some point. The asteroid Apophis has been under observation by researchers for many years. Again and again it is dangerously close to our planet in its orbit. At an altitude of 340 meters, it is large enough to cause catastrophic damage to the Earth, such as the dinosaurs that died 65 million years ago. However, according to current data from NASA, the Earth is still safe from an impact for 100 years.

By 2029, Apophis is expected to return to Earth

By 2029, Apophis is expected to return to Earth in particular up to 31,000 kilometers. This means that it is only a few hours closer to the Earth’s surface than the satellites in orbit around the Earth at a distance of about 36,000 kilometers. Then you can see it with the naked eye.