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Media Ecology and Digital Communication: Download Learning Units

Media Ecology and Digital Communication: Download Learning Units

According to the November 27 OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2020 report, epidemic control measures have deeply impacted the relationship to digital. Our global pro-technology education may have touched all aspects of society from education to health. As businesses adopt digital tools, teleworking, distance learning and e-commerce have gained strong impetus. Governments, businesses and academics are rapidly realizing the potential of artificial intelligence and Artificial Intelligence online course to help respond to the crisis.

Social useful use of data generated by our devices

The new era of investment in digital infrastructure has opened at the same time as the health emergency, which will continue to bear fruit in the medium term. The discussion on the socially useful use of data generated by our devices and scientific research will further expand not only on privacy issues but also on ethics, international relations and the relationship between companies and their clients. Moreover, the growing importance of digital in our social and economic life will push us to control the distortions of a sector dominated by certain players, to transcend the current self-regulatory model, and to accelerate the approval of new rules to accept big digital. Sites are not neutral in content management.

Familiarize yourself with increasingly refined telecommunications equipment

The epidemic has accelerated trends already underway in the digital world and in our daily lives, forcing millions of people to become increasingly accustomed to refined telecommunications equipment and forcing companies to radically change the work system. Favorable for digital arbitrage communications and use of clouds. No one knows how many of these will be in the post-epidemic period, but it is easy to predict that many workers and many companies will choose to work in a hybrid way, at least somewhat remotely, with changes that have matured in recent months as many sectors deepen: e-commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment and Retail, to name a few.

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Sosteniblitta, work-life balance and gender gap

The human and environmental dimension of business is increasingly important in relation to sustainability, work-life balance and gender gap. Smart work, active work, the ability to transform a community’s life and workspace in transition, a complex planning, processes and ways of experiencing work that determine the real transformation of the paradigm, about rhythms, relationships, work habits, team structure, thinking about an management, environment Moves towards the firm and meaningful application of the principles of sustainability, closely related to the new welfare policies, for a wider social benefit- and improving the quality of life. Flexibility and autonomy in choosing the places, times and tools that people use, in return for their accountability based on the results, adjusts the well-being of the individual with better business productivity. So rethinking workplaces is about talking about sustainability from multiple perspectives, one of which is the environment.

Learn web tracking techniques and develop a unique and effective digital marketing skills

In this context, the importance of training new professionals with concrete skills in digital communications is being applied to very different fields. With the ability to periodically identify and evaluate the strengths and critiques of channels and different communication systems, young people can not only learn how to use current technologies properly, but also learn how to handle data analytics tools. From marketing to data-journalism, healthcare and the use of social networking to a variety of fields. This means learning about web tracking techniques, developing a unique and effective digital marketing skills, learning about the regulatory framework for privacy, regulatory systems and cyber security activities, and keeping cultural tools up-to-date on changing media ecology. Before our eyes, knowing how to move in a world facing new problems. With the evolution of everything from virus mechanisms to attempts to manage fake messages by exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence, from environmental change to gender equality, from infotemic to the offline, relevant, communicative and social dimension, where the difference becomes more and more subtle online and offline.

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Two weeks of theoretical lessons, practical cases and projects to be developed, along with the most innovative Italian schools, universities and institutions, is one of the most exciting places in Italy. The second edition of the Summer School for Young Graduates and Elementary Students, organized by the Communication Festival, has been announced.

Summer School in Media Ecology and Digital Communications

Second Edition Summer School in Media Ecology and Digital Communications, Organized by the Frame-Festival of Communication in collaboration with the University of Genoa, the University of Turin-Sienza Nova, the School of Pizza Management Superior Sant’Anna and the Italian Institute of Technology, the municipality of Camogli and the Liguria region.

Promoting pollution and sharing of knowledge among individuals from different university backgrounds

During the two weeks of summer school, theoretical lessons will alternate between projects that need to be developed in institutions or research centers and small workgroups, with different university paths and encourage the sharing of knowledge among individuals with experimental skills. Field. Valuable networking, all in a network of broad relationships. The program of lectures is designed to provide essential theoretical elements and to develop an active, motivated and visionary approach to practical activities. The application plan will work with the managers of the companies to provide their experience contribution and guidance for the projects.

Following the eighth edition of the Communication Ceremony

In the days following the eighth edition of the Communication Festival (September 9 to 12) to host the summer school, there will be the historic coastal village of Camogli, one of the most famous of the Ligurian Riviera de Lavande and Italy but also a place for meeting and discussion, culture, innovation, economics and entertainment. Reference point for world heroes. The hub of an international innovation network that attracts key players of current social, economic, political, cultural and technological changes.

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A new approach to work and media reality

Rather than a training class, the Summer School for Media Ecology and Digital Communication is the forerunner of a new approach to work, and the most energetic and virtuous organizations at the center of media reality and ideas and innovation that we live and operate and engage in major research centers, universities, a supportive and cohesive network.

Under the heading “Communication Skills and Social Media” we are incorporating a completely restricted learning section on “Media Ecology and Digital Communication”, which was effectively created by the state-wide agency “Vincenzo Diary”, the school’s director said. Pampina Carmela cutis.