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McDonald's: Pokemon cards from Nintendo cause exaggeration

McDonald’s: Pokemon cards from Nintendo cause exaggeration

Berlin / Washington.
Off food is really for kids. But because of a gimmick in the United States, adults are on strike. The children go empty-handed.

For the 25th anniversary of the popular video game characters from Nintendo, Pokemon trade cards are now available at Off Food in the United States. Fast food chain McDonald’s The kids triggered a flow in the menu.

McDonald’s: Parents complain that adults buy happy food

Well complained Social Websites First users are not good enough for their children. Adults seem to buy a large number of food bags that always have a small toy in order to make money. They guarantee the value of a collector – especially from rare holographic cards.

Ann The cardboard boxes will be on eBay Is actually offered for several hundred dollars. A YouTuber and Pokemon fan shows how he earned a hundred in a video Happy food Need to buy several McDonald’s branches.

But then he didn’t want the food to go with it. At least he promises to bring burgers and fries Homeless people To donate. (fmg)

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