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May 16 Full Moon Eclipse: How to Follow the Event

May 16 Full Moon Eclipse: How to Follow the Event

A show for those who are curious, curious, early awake, night owls or those who have insomnia! From Sunday to Monday night, the moon will look red, or Earthlings, some of them, will see the star adorned with this unusual color. The reason? A lunar eclipse: The Earth loses its satellite’s light emitted by the star by positioning itself on the axis between the Sun and the Moon. For the first time From January 2019In metropolitan France this phenomenon will be in bulk, but only the first phase is known.

The entry into Earth’s penumbra will take place at 3:32 a.m. Paris time on Monday. At 4:27 a.m., the Moon will pass directly through the Earth’s shadow cone this time. Witnesses will then see it gradually being crushed. The climax of the event begins at 5:29 am, when the full moon disappears. The eclipse coincides with the first light of day, which is scheduled for 6:08 am in Paris at sunrise, so there is no need to miss the moon as it sets just after 6 am.

In the West Indies and Guyana, the eclipse is visible from beginning to end and begins at 9:30 and 10:30, respectively. Even during an eclipse, the moon will receive some light from the sun, which will benefit us. These are rays that are deflected by the Earth’s atmosphere, which gives precisely this red color of the event.