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Maxi Landing in Trapani: Sea Watch 455 unloads immigrants

Maxi Landing in Trapani: Sea Watch 455 unloads immigrants

Pressure from voluntary organizations continues to gain a safe haven in our country, where unloading foreign nationals rescued in the Mediterranean. This time it is Marine Surveillance4 Immediate help is sought to hear their voices by posting a clear post on their Twitter page. “Team and immigrants exhausted”, Reads a tweet from a German voluntary organization, “We need a safe port”. Finally a plea with its benefits: the ship is getting ready to land at Tropani port at midnight.

Current situation

I 455 4. Significant number of foreign nationals currently under maritime surveillance, reached following 6 interventionsAng In the Mediterranean for the past 72 hours.“There were 97 people in the double decker wooden boat and they were at sea for three days. Fortunately we were able to save them all.”, Say Sea Watch team members. It is still:“We rescued 97 people, many of whom crashed down the deck, from a wooden boat Malta Refused to help. Maltese officials told us that they were keeping an eye on the boat and did not need to intervene. If we wanted to help him, they invited us to coordinate with our flag state, Germany. These people have been at sea for 3 days. “

Allegations against Maltese officials first, then asking for help:“After two rescue in the last few hours, the Sea-Watch 4 is in need of 455 people and has the right to disembark soon Porto Surely”.

It was also a motivation for help Alarm phone, Always reported the plight of another boat on social media with difficulty, pointing the finger directly at Italy: “There are still 95 people at sea! They are panicking, crying on the phone. Some want to swim to the 2 ships nearby, they refuse to intervene more than they are forced to return to #Libia. The tense situation, Italy still denies responsibility”.

“Give us a safe haven”

This morning, Sea Watch 4 released several posts on its Twitter account in an attempt to get the attention of the authorities again. “Conditions on #SeeWatch4 are difficult, it’s cold, windy and high waves wash the cast. But there is unity in the team, we help each other”, “he said. We read on the social page, which includes a video message from the group’s spokesman Oliver.

Sea Watch 4 has more than 455 members“, The young man says again.”Recovered within 48 hours of 6 rescue operations. Europe has no choice but to cross the Mediterranean and risk their lives. 10 days ago, 130 people drowned while trying to cross the same sea“Oliver explains that the Sewer Watch medical team is currently taking care of the aliens on board, but the boat has now reached its limit, so the situation is becoming harder to manage.”We did not ask for help“, The NGO ship’s spokesman concludes, “I do not know Human rights They are not an act of kindness and charity. Those on board have rights and they must be respected. They need a safe haven, they need it now. “.

Our guests and crew are exhausted on the Sea Watch 4 ship“, The voluntary charity is retweeting.”However, the mood was positive. We are impressed by the strength and perseverance of these people! Because even though they have experienced horrible things, they sing, dance, and support the band wherever they are.“Eventually, Italian authorities gave the port of Tropani a landing site.


Carlotta Sami D is also commenting on the situation Unhcr, Who always decide on social media about the situation. “More than 700 people have been brought back to Libya in recent days. Even very young children and people in need of help will be detained arbitrarily and indefinitely and further abused by traffickers. Libya is not a safe haven.”, Announces the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.