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How to clean waste in orbit?

How to clean waste in orbit?


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M. Supra-Gomez, I. Delian, F. Queen, I. Palmer, Images: NASA / ISA – Clear Space – France 2

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The main danger to astronauts on the International Space Station is the risk of colliding with debris. How is this waste floating in orbit monitored?

Even 800 kilometers above our heads, in space, debris is accumulating. Satellites, rockets and pieces of debris from 60 years of space exploration increase the risk of floating and colliding in orbit. Last week, ISS with capsule Thomas Beskett. On the way to, an object was placed in its path. NASA Operations Center then warns crew.

“There were micro impacts at the station, very small things, big streams are in other orbits, they are monitored on the ground. We focus on that and try not to be productive,” he said. Astronaut Thomas Baskett explains. In Toulouse (Hot-Coron), researchers take turns day and night to monitor debris, studying their trajectories, speed and maneuvers to avoid collisions with satellites. How to clean the space? Engineers imagine techniques for capturing its objects that have become uncontrollable.

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