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PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S and hockey versions on the next battle schedule - Nerd 4. Life

Marvel’s Avengers Hockey – Nert 4. With the advent of Life will slow down the progression of the characters

In an effort to save its action MMO, Square Enix plans a series of changes Marvel’s Avengers. The next big stop will be on March 18th Hawk eye Comes as a dynamic character. With the wrong archer, Crystal Dynamics will release an update Slow down progress Development of new characters created.

Because, according to the development study, the XP curve This is not a curve, but a very straight line can be very quick and very simple. This is something that does not allow players enough time to appreciate the development of their character and learn how to make the best use of their powers.

All the characters created after March 18 will have to fight hard to equalize Starting at level 25. From then on, you will gradually need more and more XP until you reach the 50th level.

This update will also change the way players can get Cosmetic products. Until now, this type of material could be roughly obtained with chastity stones, but it did not work for the studio. For this reason they will disable this mechanism and allow you to purchase these items through a specific seller. These items can be purchased with units.

More different emote They can be purchased the same way. According to Crystal Dynamics, these changes will help make the game a more consistent and satisfying experience. Will this be enough?