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Margaret Wester warns that Apple should not use security to control competition

Margaret Wester warns that Apple should not use security to control competition

This is the shepherd’s response to the shepherd. During Vivatec, Tim Cook directly opposed the issuance of the European Commission’s Digital Marketing Act (DMA), which authorizes the installation of applications on the Internet or alternative stores on iOS (read: For Tim Cook, forcing Brussels wants page loading to “destroy” security ).

Margaret Vestager. debt: Extreme left, CC BY-NC 2.0

The news reached Margaret Vestager, the European Commissioner in charge of the competition, but worse. If she thinks it’s privacy and security ” Very important to everyone “He especially believes that Apple should not use these arguments to block competition from the App Store.

What is important here, of course, is that [la confidentialité et la sécurité] It should not be a shield against competition, because I believe that consumers will not give up privacy or security if they use another store or install apps outside the App Store.

In essence, he believes consumers can sort through stores, and will choose the best in terms of data security and privacy whether it is the App Store or another store. Apple’s security tool is bad for healthy competition on the iOS operating system.

This text Reuters Already last month, the alternative is in line with the reactions of the commissioner who spoke in support of the App Store. Margaret Wester says the DMA is open to change, which in any case should come under the Catin Forks of member states. ” I think solutions can be found She says.