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Many announcements and trailers are expected, the wait begins -

Many announcements and trailers are expected, the wait begins –

The first information on the first date of the year, is still unclear Summer Sports Festival 2022, Which offers several guarantees in this new version Announcements, trailers and previews Among the many games featured for the Geoff Keighley event.

The organization of the summer event launched its advertising machine at the beginning of the new year, with an official tweet confirming “news, announcements and events” for this edition, suggesting to stay tuned to the official channels for immediate updates. On the exposed content.

There is still plenty of time to talk about this: Summer Game Fest 2022 is nothing more Official dates But this should be related to the regular period of E3 2022 above all or in June, but we do not currently have accurate information about the latter.

As in previous years it is also a container event in which different types of presentations will be sent, from single publishers to special events to other general events, and a substantial and presented central presentation. Geoff Keighley, in which important announcements should be concentrated. So keep an eye on it The official site of the Summer Sports Festival, Which has already started the first updates.

Last year’s edition was remembered for its spectacular closure with the Elton Ring, which revealed the release date and gameplay videos (although the first was later postponed), but there are still many new features that you can review by looking at. Summary with all trailers and news from the last edition.