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AVX-512 is said to be disabled on all Alter Lake CPUs

AVX-512 is said to be disabled on all Alter Lake CPUs

From Valentine Chatler
With the next Core 12000 processor, Intel is said to be releasing a new BIOS update that will disable the AVX-512 on all Alder Lake CPUs. You can still use AVX-512 with the modified software, but most users will avoid the instruction package extension.

With Intel’s AlterLake processors (Core 12000), the company is using for the first time two different CPU configurations that work together on a single chip. When fully expanded, the eight most efficient Greysmond cores and the fastest Golden Cove cores share the tasks at hand. For this to work, Intel had to make changes to the configuration. To enable rapid switching between cores, these must support exactly the same instruction set.

Alter Lake does not have an AVX-512

Golden Cove and Greysmond are largely identical in their instruction set, but the two configurations differ in support for the AVX-512. The instruction package extension for fast vector calculation is not supported by the Greysmond cores, so it is also disabled for the Golden Cove cores at Alder Lake. It is still possible to disable all Greysmond cores so far, thus still using the AVX-512.

Intel also wants to block this opportunity with an upcoming presentation on Core 12000 processors. According to reports from Hardwareluxx and Igor’s Lab, newer CPUs may require a newer UEFI, which prevents AVX-512 from running. Without subsequent modification of the BIOS, you will no longer be able to use AVX-512 on Alter Lake.

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It is not clear why Intel wants to deactivate the AVX-512. Maybe the company wants to upgrade its server and workstation processors or avoid conflicts on its own offer. Because if Intel soon introduces the first i5 processors without Greasemond cores, OEMs could theoretically deliver them as soon as AVX-512 is implemented. In some application scenarios, the weaker i5 models may be faster than the more expensive i7 or i9 CPUs, or at least more capable on paper. Regardless of the specific reason, it would have been nice if Intel had excluded the instruction package extension from the beginning.

They are: Hardwarelux / Igor Labs

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