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Management Guidelines, Keys to Success: Reprint

The Act of August 6, 2019 relating to the transformation of the public service compels local authorities to formalize their human resource management policy by defining a multi-year management strategy and career path.

  • How to build your LDGs?
  • What support tools are provided by management centers?
  • What are the points of awareness?

Three experts who questioned the newspaper’s journalist Mad Bernardo came to explain how to go about this and answered questions from Internet users.

Anne Haritick, director of human resources for the city of Bruges (19,000 inhab., Gironde), a city owned by Bordeaux Metropole, drew up its management guidelines a year ago. In this city of Bordeaux metropolis, CCAS has 428 agents, 47 businesses and 40 work sites. The site, which was set up for 6 to 9 months, may have finally taken a year due to infection.

Anne Haritick explains how this work was organized and about any perimeter from the political order. How the strategic axes of the LDG once identified are being refuted, by whom. In a year, LDGs will be reviewed based on the shared indicators used for the rating (see download presentation below).

Thomas Cabarez, head of employment analysis and futures service at the Center de Quation to Nord, Came up with the means to run this project and the tools to help achieve the management guidelines proposed by the management centers. He particularly emphasized the role of the new single community report, whose data could be used to generate LDGs.

Valerie Ducatoure, Director of Human Resources at Syndicate Intercommunal des Toons de Plantre Came to testify to the use of the tools of the Northern Management Center at the level of 4 municipalities and 46 union agents. It underscores the benefits of adopting such an approach, especially in a small community.

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