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Word, Excel, PowerPoint … their new look also comes to Windows 10

Microsoft Office’s new interface is not just for Windows 11, it’s accessible to users of Microsoft’s older OS. Its beta version is also used. A new tab will appear shortly in Word and the rest of the Office suite.

Source: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

Windows 11 is here. This was announced last week And this The first beta insider is already available. During its presentation, we were able to keep our eyes on the new design of the interface, which rearranges both File Explorer, Windows Menus, but Office suite, for example PowerPoint or Word.

And reasonably, Good news for those who can’t install Windows 11, Or who doesn’t like it: The new version of Office is available on Windows 10. A beta version is also used.

Fluid design

In Windows 10, if you have an office key, you need to access a new tab in the title Coming soon (“Come” in French), which allows you to enable and disable the new interface with one click. For now, this new component is only available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. It will then come in Access, Project, Publisher and Visio.

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It aims to further enhance the experience in the tools of the office suite “Intuitive, balanced and familiar”. If you are wondering if there is a name to the look that Microsoft has chosen, Redmond calls it Fluffy design, Or fluid design.

Customization and dark theme

Once installed, you can access the small, flavorful, dark, color or gray themes of the Windows 11 interface.

New shortcut menu in Word.

New shortcut menu in Word. // Source: Microsoft

Aside from aesthetics, the new interface will allow you to customize your shortcut bar. As you can see in the image above you can add small icons for actions that are done without fail. In addition, by default, it is not visible. Again the goal is to make the interface more readable and clear.

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This version of Office is available for beta program users with version 2107 built-in 14228.20000, and later, on Windows 11, so Windows 10