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Android: Updating Google Store Terms and Conditions |  Highs online

Android: Updating Google Store Terms and Conditions | Highs online

Google is gradually updating the configuration conditions for software developers in the Play Store. By the end of this year, it will be mandatory to provide additional contact information, as well as 2-factor authentication to sign in to the Google Play console.

Developer accounts are required to sell apps through Google’s own App Store. Unlike Apple, which is very restricted in this regard, mobile developers can still offer their apps via alternative channels, but the Play Store is the first point of contact for many users, which also gets the associated trust bonus.

Until now, providing an email address and phone number was enough to create new accounts. From now on, Google will check both details; The company is requesting more data

  • Account Type (Private or Business)
  • Contact name for the account
  • The physical address of the contact

The company wants to ensure that access is set up by real people only, which further enhances the reliability of applications for users. The information stored will remain confidential, but Google will use it for internal communication with account holders.

New information is optional until August. From August, they will be mandatory for new Google Play developer accounts with 2-factor authentication. By 2021, extended requirements will be mandatory for all accesses.

Strict requirements for developer accounts are not a special feature of the Play Store. Apple also updates its developer status from time to time and the extended connectivity options play a role with the upcoming iOS 15.

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Google reminds you against the background Back to the Android Developers blog about the best practices for maintaining developer access And asks you to maintain contact information and provide unique email addresses for contacts instead of using the global address for an account.


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