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Malware can gain access to your bank account by watching your text messages

Malware can gain access to your bank account by watching your text messages

Android smartphone (description). – Kigo

A new one Malware The bank known as Debot is currently bustling in Europe. Discovered by researchers at
Internet Security De Cliffy, the virus is currently found mainly in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Reports suggest that this malware is particularly dangerous ZDNet, Related PhoneTroid. When it enters a smartphone
Android, The
Hackers You can see live what is happening on the device screen and interact with it.

The most brilliant Trojan horse hidden in many applications

This virus can be used to steal personal ID data. This allows you to retrieve sent single-use dual authentication codes Banks To their customers via SMS. Hackers can then log into the victims’ bank accounts and make transactions.

The depot hides one Application Fraud. It was originally called “DTV” before taking on other names such as “VLC Media Player”, “Moptro”, “DHL”, “UPS” or “PPS”. When it is downloaded, “It is trying to establish itself as an ‘Android service’, in other words a computer service”, explain to the researchers. “This function is hijacked to hide the debot itself, which, once installed, prevents it from being detected and thus ensures its stability on the smartphone.”

Reset the smartphone

Once installed, it requires malware permissions to monitor the victim’s actions, retrieve data, and perform arbitrary actions. The application that hides the virus is the empty shell. Once the approvals are received, it will disappear, but the fraudulent activities continue in the background.

The malware is currently available in Spanish, English, Italian, German, Dutch and French. If you have downloaded a suspicious application that may contain this virus, you should restore your phone to its original settings and make a backup before the malware is installed.

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