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Major printing issues with the latest version of Windows

Major printing issues with the latest version of Windows

The latest Windows update causes serious printing problems. Many users report serious problems with their printers.

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For years, printers and Windows did not mix well: outdated drivers, incompatibilities, and the like. Fortunately, things got better in the end, but after the last update of the operating system now every difficulty arises some problems.

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In some cases, after opening the Print dialog box in the office or other such software, the system will display a bad “blue screen of death” which prompts the user to restart the computer. Unable to print anything, unfortunately. The error has been confirmed with printers from several brands, including Ricoh, Zebra and Kyocera.

Microsoft has confirmed a concern Note D support, Indicates that the investigation is ongoing. But patience is needed before reaching the final resolution of the error. However, there is a possibility to go back and reinstall the previous version of Windows from the update history available in the settings.

In addition, a Reddit user who presents himself as a Microsoft employee offers two Manipulations It is time for advanced users to find a definitive solution to control the problem.

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