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"I had a script on Temptation Island."  Barbara D'Urzo downloads it "Let us go away"

“I had a script on Temptation Island.” Barbara D’Urzo downloads it “Let us go away”

Pietro delle Pian’s Skiwolon: I had a script on Temp Temptation Island டி, D’Urzo downloads it வோம் Let us get away. Guest Not Live D’Urzo Together with his girlfriend Antonella Elijah he makes a coffee about participating in the spread of actor Maria de Philippi.

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This is not the first time Pietro delle Piane made the passes while hosting a TV show, But this time he did not deal with Maria de Philippi. Guest Not Live D’Urzo He, along with Antonella Elijah, who had returned together, realized that he had been attacked for his participation in the island of Temptain, and justified himself by saying: «But there was a script for me, and it seems that I was lost in love … Barbara D’Urzo He tries to change the matter by trying to go further immediately, but after a while he reads a statement: “I have an important clarification, I read that at first Pietro delle Piane said he played a role on Temptation Island,” Will accept responsibility for it, We explicitly exclude ourselves from it Because no one has to play a part in this program because it was not copied, but we really know it, when I hear the word temptation island I tried to say, do not talk about this exchange, because I will never let myself.

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