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Crazy World - Let's go to the open alpha of MMORPG Mad World

Mad World – Mad World announced on Alpha 4.0 December 20 with new content

Mad World Alpha 4.0 will take place from December 20 to 24 and will be accessible to all players registered on the official site. For the occasion, MMORPG in HTML5 offers new features – and opens its store.

For several months now, Mad world Manifested during various test sessions. Alpha 3.0 took place at the end of last October, and for a few weeks now, Jandisoft Studio has been producing its MMORPG’s Alpha 4.0. The South Korean developer now specifies the schedule for this new test phase: the servers will reopen on December 20 at 3:00 am (Paris time) and welcome players on December 24 at 10 am.

As for Alpha 3.0, this Alpha 4.0 is accessible to anyone interested: all you need is one account. Official website (Not available at the time of writing) Access to test servers – and for recording Made in World World HTML5, MMORPG can be run from a web browser without downloading the game client.

In the process, Jantysoft lists some of the new features that testers can detect during December tests. We pay particular attention to the evolution of craft mechanics that allows us to produce high-end products from new materials to collect in the game world and the integration of a secure business transaction system between players. (As they explore the game universe, players can feed on an encyclopedia of monsters, dungeons, objects, but also encounters made in the game and stories collected from the game world).
The daily search system and achievement dynamics are integrated into the Mad World universe, as well as the ability to call adults. World bosses – The summons will only work for a limited time, but if the monster is defeated before returning to its existence, players will receive rewards through the game mail system based on their contribution to the battle. The developer promises improvements on the interface or the map of the game world.

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Jantisoft also announces the opening of the Made World Store. At this point, the developer does not specify the content or terms of use, but will have the opportunity to begin to better understand the economic model of this alpha 4.0 MMORPG.