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Xiaomi releases standard Android 11 updates with MIUI 12 with Mi 10 and Redmi K30 with 5G

Xiaomi releases standard Android 11 updates with MIUI 12 with Mi 10 and Redmi K30 with 5G

It seems time has come for the official update story of Android 11 to gain some momentum from Siomi’s view. With the exception of the Google Pixel line, the device makers’ official Android 11 updates are minimal, mostly dealing with Chinese OEMs such as OnePlus and OPPO. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has been running the limited Android 11 based MIUI 12 pilot program since September for a few Mi / Redmi smartphones. Now, the wait for owners of the Mi 10 and Redmi K30 5G is over, as both devices are finally getting the official Android 11 updates with MIUI 12.

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Wednesday 10

Although the Chinese variant of the Mi10 is not new to Android 11, it is not far behind the global model. Siomi provided a framework (V12.1.2.0.RJBMIXM) Based on Android 11 for the Mi 10 worldwide through MIUI’s standard channel in September, but OTA is for the closed group of early adopters. However, the current release (create no V12.2.1.0.RJBMIXM) Is a relatively wide range of rolls. The update has a download size of 2.8GB and it has October 2020 security attachments.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Android 11 MIUI 12 V12.2.1.0.RJBMIXM

Thanks to the Twitter user @ didinwahidin_14 For a screen shot!

Download Android 11 with MIUI 12 for Mi 10 (code name: umi) – V12.2.1.0.RJBMIXM

Redmi K30 5G

Along with the Mi 10, the Redmi K30 5G also gets its standard Android 11 update, which comes in software version format. V12.1.1.0.RGICNXM. Unlike its 4G siblings (globally known as the POCO X2), the 5G-capable Redmi K30 is by far the only one exclusive to China.

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Redmi K30 5G (code name: Picasso) – Download Android 11 with MIUI 12 for V12.1.1.0.RGICNXM

Note that the company considers these updates to be a “standard beta”. For those unfamiliar with Xiaomi’s update policy, an authorized Mi account may be required to sideline the ZIP file. Once Xiaomi notes that it is sufficient, they are going to flip a server side switch, which eliminates the need for such authentication before flashing. Alternatively, they can release new buildings with additional bug fixes.

Thanks to the XDA Authorized Developer yshalsager In order to provide download links!