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Lost Judgment – The English language version lags behind like a dragon

The English lip sync of the Last Judgment is nowhere near the level of the Yakuza 7. Now those in charge gave the release with this in mind.

The Japanese voice acts as an alternative

Like its live predecessors, the Yakuza Spin-Off Lost Judgment will be released with Japanese and English voiceovers. Localization director Scott Strichard has set a barrier for fans of English dubbing: the language version is a yakuza: unlikely to reach dragon-like status.

Conversely, for many players in this case the title can feel a backwards. The main reasons for the significant loss of quality are time issues and infection. Accordingly, in the case of Like a Dragon the release may still be completed nine months in advance, while the spin-off is only four. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 infection, of course there were many delays, which are now significant in the game.

“Sorry if I feel like the Lost Judgment location is stepping back a little bit instead of going up one step. It’s a miracle, it’s like we did during an epidemic, and I’m 100 percent behind the studio’s writing, performance and effort.

However, Strichard confirmed the progress and reiterated that this situation would not be detrimental to the progress of localization. He reiterated the successful Japanese voice release and promised to continue working on quality in the future.

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