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Green bass application io

Green Pass application IO is active: How to view, download and save Qr code

The Green Boss Oh Green certificate Already availableApplication IO. Many people have already downloaded this app on their smartphone, above all cashback and holiday bonuses (at least 12 million citizens). It can now be used to show a vaccine against a previous infection, a negative cloth or a Govt immunization certificate during checks.

It will provide the opportunity to travel in and out of Italy, to travel to and from Europe, and to participate in weddings, baptisms and special events, discos, concerts and all that has been forbidden to us by the plague. …

If you have already been vaccinated, with a cloth, or have recovered from COVID-19, You get it Certification by message Digital Green COVID-19 can be safely circulated in Italy and Europe.

Notifications you receive when a document is uploaded to your electronic health record are: One of the many ways to get a green pass.

Below is a brief guide to the Green Pass in IoT app: How to download and open the app, how to download the pass, how, where and how to use the digital version of the Covid certificate.

What is a Green Pass?

Green Pass is a certificate to prove that you are a citizen:

  • It was Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2;
  • Both Healed From SARS-CoV-2 infection;
  • Performed by a Molecular or antigenic buffer Quick search for SARS-CoV-2 virus a Negative results, Performed 48 hours prior to certification.

The pass contains a QR code, which allows you to verify the validity of the certificate and its authenticity. From July 1, the QR code will be validated in the European Union and in Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Allowing citizens to enter these countries without restrictions on entry.

Green Pass in IO Application: How It Works

Those who have already had the opportunity to access the App IO portal will have read how the Covit-19 Green Certificate has already been issued to the 12 million citizens who already have the application and those who wish to download it. The Service It already turns out Active.

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Green bass application io

Application IO is actually one of the channels that can obtain the digital version of the Green Certificate COVID-19 (EU Digital Govt Certificate), Authorized and Effective July 1 across Europe.

Getting it using this utility channel is very simple and instant. There are only two steps to follow:

  • Download the IO app On your smartphone,
  • Wait for the announcement of the message with the certificate in the name of the city owner and wait for it to open.

Green Pass in IO Application: How to View It

As expected, therefore, you do not need to follow complicated instructions to see, read and enter your Green Pass for your travel permit. You will receive a message in IO whenever the certificate is received, without asking any questions or entering codes: if done enough The application can be accessed at least once with SPID or CIE.

Upon receipt of the notification / message, simply:

  • To open it,
  • IO downloads QR code and certificate data related to the owner from the national site,
  • The certificate can be displayed on the controls directly on the smartphone.
  • you can Save QR code The certificate in the photo gallery of the device, like any other image, so you can easily show it even if you do not have an internet connection.

You can save the QR code of your green boss 3 Modi:

  • “Save to device” option
  • “Save image as gallery” option
  • “Add to Apple Wallet” option (feature coming soon)

Salvare qr code green pass

How to display it from device to controls

To open, see the card with all the details about your cowit health status:

  • Click the “Details” button to read the contents of the certificate and related health data;
  • The information in the QR code is sent directly to the IO from the Ministry of Health site and will be verified every time you view the certificate.
  • Operators responsible for verifying the validity of certificates will design the QR code through a dedicated application.
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See green certificate application io

Application IO: What it is for and how to download it

Having the IO app on your smartphone is definitely mandatory to enable this procedure. More than 12 million citizens have already downloaded it in recent months, most notably using two measures introduced by the former Conte government to keep them alive:

Those who have not yet downloaded it can:

  • From Game Store On your Android device,
  • Doll‘App Store.

Covit-19 Green Certificate: 6 Ways to Get It

To meet citizens who do not use digital tools, Green Pass can be obtained for free in a variety of ways, both digitally and on paper. Green Pass can be downloaded / obtained through the following channels:

  • Enterprise site Green Passin, at, By signing in with SPID or CIE or by signing in with a health card number and AUTHCODE code obtained via email or SMS;
  • Electronic health registration;
  • Immune use, One of the unique codes obtained during the expiration date and health service, by entering the last 8 digits of the health card;
  • Application IO, Without special procedures, will come directly when the Green Pass is downloaded,
  • At the pharmacy,
  • By your doctor.

Green Pass in Io Application: Useful Questions and Answers

Some useful answers to citizens’ questions from the IoT portal.

Can I get more than one green certificate in IO?

Yes, for example, because you have too many clothes, or because you have a recovery certificate and still have the vaccine.

Will I be certified after the first or second dose of the vaccine?

This certificate will be sent via IO upon receipt by the DGC National Site managed by the Ministry of Health. The criteria by which the COVID-19 Green Certificate is generated are defined by the site and the competent authorities. To learn more, visit

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Is the certificate available even if the IO is installed after receiving the vaccine or cloth?

Yes, once you have completed access to the IO (signing with SPID or CIE and approval of the Terms and Conditions of Use), you will be notified to the DOC National Site managed by the Ministry of Health and, as soon as possible, send any certificates to the IO.

Do I need to have CIE or SPID to get certified in IO?

Yes, you must have logged into the application with SPID or CIE at least once to obtain the certificate and have approved the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Is the certificate I receive in IO valid in Italy and abroad?

Yes, the certificate you receive in the IO is official issued by the DGC National Platform, owned by the Ministry of Health, and allows you to travel to all European countries involved in this endeavor. To learn more, go to

Where can I find my COVID-19 green certificate in IO?

Green certificates in IO are sent as general message. In the News section, you will find your certificates, which will open first when the application starts.

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