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Logo found in ad trailer - is the stealing raccoon coming back?

Logo found in ad trailer – is the stealing raccoon coming back?

We reported an hour ago PlayStation’s latest promo trailer There is a note about the remake of “Resident Evil 4”. At 1:34 we see the icon of the maniac Los Illuminati on the right pillar of a building. This is Leon S. Evil worship to be taken in the Kennedy game.

However, it does not stop at this point. In the 58th second, the most observant viewers discovered the “Sly Cooper” logo. The game series created by Sucker Punch first appeared on the PS2 and has three branches. The fourth installment was released in 2013 and was produced by Sansaru Games.

Anyway, we see the symbol of the animal thief in the trailer during a fight through a city. The makers of the trailer have put its obscure logo on a band. To find the logo, you must press the pause button at the right time, because it is only visible for a fraction of a second.

The new area is already in the works

In the summer a rumor spread that a fifth part was in development. After a while, a well-known industrial person called Shepsol_nick, he asked something about it. However, Sucker Punch Productions should not be responsible for growth.

Also “Ratchet & Clank: Apart from the split” was placed on an Easter egg “Sly Cooper”. You can watch the video about it Check it out here.

You can find our last article on “Sly Cooper” here:

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Points to another clue New “Crash Bandicoot” branch You have to look very carefully to find two stickers with wumba fruit in 1:15 minutes. We recently reported on a program called “Wumba League” which is already spreading many rumors on the internet. The assumption that an announcement will be made in the latest PlayStation showcase has not been confirmed.

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You can see the hidden note in this image:


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