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Live streaming company Meem Live's popularity rises during epidemics, watches over 11 million downloads - Brand Post

Live streaming company Meem Live’s popularity rises during epidemics, watches over 11 million downloads – Brand Post

The forerunner of the live streaming application M Live, Launched in India in 2017 and has registered over 11 million users as of November 2020. As the Covid-19 epidemic triggers some profound changes around the world, live streaming products have set a new trend for people streaming and making friends, and Me Live has emerged as the most preferred destination for geniuses and genes. In recent times, the live streaming platform has partnered with more than 500 agencies and more than 7,000 broadcasters, including local KOLs and celebrities. It gives people a happy experience by creating professionally created content (PGC) and user generated content (UGC) for different categories.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the mission, vision and values, Me Live formalized its federation as MIME partners. Unlike dual-class owner structures, McKin Live collaborates deeply with agencies in all aspects such as McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. It creates a fair profit distribution, monthly settlement and incentive system in India. Also, Meem Live offers a very lucrative annual bonus in the live-streaming industry, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Mee Me Live was established in 2016 to help users watch live broadcasts anytime, anywhere and engage with viewers through live sessions. The site offers the opportunity to broadcast live, broadcast what is good and entertain people based on the core values ​​of integrity, innovation, pro-agility and openness through the mobile broadcast app. Since its launch in India, Me Live has been available on iOS and Android operating systems. It was later acquired by the 17 Live Group, the operator of Japan’s No. 1 live-streaming platform, which said the deal would strengthen the global live-streaming industry and expand into new markets through a combination of the two companies’ platform resources and content. Creators and users.

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Hirobumi Ono, Global CEO of 17 Live Group, said, “The entertainment ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. It started out as limited content with restricted watch time, such as broadcast TV. Switch to on-demand streaming services like YouTube and Netflix so you can watch anytime, anywhere. It’s time for real-time interactive content in the form of live-streaming apps like ours. Live-streaming products motivate people to achieve their dreams. ”

Commenting on his thoughts and expectations on the live-streaming market in India, he added, “India is one of the countries with the largest entertainment sector covering movies, events and television shows. The Indian market cannot be ignored as 17 Live Group aims to become the No. 1 live-streaming platform in the world. Regardless of the areas we enter, our mission statement will remain the same – upgrade artists and delight the world. We want to transform streaming from all backgrounds into a new and popular industry. We look forward to seeing how the new trend of live-streaming blends with traditional Indian hobbies and becomes the norm of the new era in the Indian entertainment industry. ”

About 17LIVE group

17 Live The group is committed to its mission statement, “Mission Artist.” Make the world happy ”. Through its live social entertainment platform, all content creators can express their talents and create new hobbies like never before. With the 17 Live platform, as of August 2020, our global user platform has more than 54 million registered users and anyone can stream their talents and interests live.

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Group 17 Live 17 Live, the largest revenue stream in the Asian market (excluding China), is a real-time interactive and live streaming platform that has been growing in India and Southeast Asia for many years. P Live Streaming and Social Business Sauce System Services and “Handsup” / “FB-Buy” aims to facilitate the sellers sales process and the buyers’ livestream shopping experience on social media.

About Me Live

Launched in 2016, Mee Me Live is a truly live streaming platform for making friends and showcasing talents. It allows you to stream your special moments live, live chat and video chat with your friends. Millions of talented broadcasters, enthusiastic dancers and singers, comedians, etc. provide you with amazing live streams and live videos on stage. It also offers services such as free live video chat & call, multiple call chat rooms and allows you to create your own radio channel. There are AI-powered effects and filters to enhance your live streaming experience.

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