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List: The best PS4 games of 2020 are available for free download while waiting for the PS5!

List: The best PS4 games of 2020 are available for free download while waiting for the PS5!

Sony’s PlayStation offers gamers plenty of experience and titles to play with. Among the many that can be purchased, the company also offers games that can be played and downloaded for free on its computers. These free games are not just average games, as the PlayStation 4 includes many big names, including “Jenshin Impact,” “Fortnight,”.

(Photo: PlayStation Store)

The PlayStation It is known to offer games that require you to buy discs from gaming stores or online websites from its physical releases. However, Sony’s gaming access call also offers its less popular online downloads for free and accessible to anyone with an online account.

Many free-to-play and download games are available on the company’s website, including “high-earning titles” such as Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd. “Kenshi’s Impact,” Activation’s “Call of Duty: Warson,” and the epic games “Fortnight.”

Most of the games on the list are online based and largely multiplayer, mostly focused on the vast network that connects gamers.

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The best free and downloadable games for the PlayStation 4

Whether Sony saves for the next generation console, PlayStation 5 (PS5) or wants to save, the company offers a number of titles that will definitely be interesting and complete the gaming experience.

‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

“Apex Legends” are next-generation Battle Royale titles that rose against the biggest names in the sniper genre, including “Player’s Unknown Battlefields” (PUBG), “Fortnight” and “Call of Duty: Warson”. Respon Entertainment released this game in 2019, which provided a huge multiplayer, which gathered a huge audience.

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Check “Apex Legends” on PlayStation’s Online Store for PS4.

‘Call of Duty: Warson’

Call of Duty: Warson

(Photo: Functional Blog)

The most recent releases for the Battle Royale genre in the 2020s include Activision’s “Call of Duty: Warson”, which is one of the most loved by game streamers. Although it was released in early March, the game faced great popularity.

Check “Call of Duty: Warson” on PlayStation’s PS4 online store.

‘Rule 2’

Rule 2

(Photo: Steam)

Bunky Inc.’s online action-adventure title “Destiny 2,” is one of the most recognizable titles offered for free on all platforms. This game offers a fantastic console experience for the PS4, where you can play with a large community.

Check “Destiny 2” on PlayStation’s Online Store for PS4.



(Photo: Epic Game)

The epic game “Fortnight” has already been one of the most recognizable and favorite topics in war royals and shooting games in the country for almost three years. Since 2017, Fortnight has amassed a large number of players and influence. The game has significant collaborations with big names like Marvel, DC, Ghostbusters.

Check “Fortnight” on PlayStation’s online store for PS4.

‘Jenshi’s Impact’

Kensh's impact

(Photo: PlayStation Blog)

The successful roll-flaming game of 2020, “Jenshin Impact”, provides players with an open world experience that can be played online. The RPG title is one of the fan favorites released in this 2020, which offers an amazing fantasy-action game.

Check “Impact of Genesis” on PlayStation’s Online Store for PS4.

‘Rocket League’

Rocket League

(Photo: Rocket League via Facebook)

Action, cars and football mania? Zionics’ “Rocket League” brings back a popular car game that revolves around games. The game features the largest online game of dueling against other players to ensure dominance in driving and sports.

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Check “Rocket League” on PlayStation’s online store for PS4.

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