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How To Download It On Your Smartphone

The Green Boss Italy, Actually a Green Certificate, the “Passport Passport” reserved for all citizens who have been vaccinated against Govt, cured of the virus, or have a negative result within the previous 48 hours. All of these subjects will receive an authorization code with signs to get a green pass on their smartphone, which can be used to attend weddings, access the RSA or go to any red or orange areas (of which Italy is not currently).

Green Pass Vaccine: How to Download European Green Certificate

Certificate in Italian only active from June 17, European certification available from Thursday, July 1, which responds to the name EU Digital Govt Certification And it will be a green certificate, in fact, extended throughout Europe, which will allow free travel in the Schengen area. The certificate is obtained by downloading the appropriate certificate Application IO, Which many people have already used for cashback and other things. So it is necessary SPID (Digital identification) or You, Electronic identity card. You will be notified at this time when the certificate is ready. L ‘Immune use Has created an update by inserting a new section dedicated to the European Green Pass: in this case you must download the application and enter the code you receive via text message or email certifying the ownership of the Green Certificate.

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