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Link to cross play available, revisions of incoming inventory – Nert 4.Life

The Outer Riders have a cross play again with the new addition

Outer Riders Received in these hours Link It introduces Cross play In addition to other fixes for multiplayer between different platforms where the game is available, but there are further improvements to the issues found, which will be fixed in the coming days.

The Outlaws were scheduled to start cross-drama, but it was Disabled Due to some issues identified with the servers, the temporary intervention could fly the People Development Team. In the appendix, The Multiplayer cross platform PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Resetted on all platforms as S. Distinguished between output PS5E Xbox Series X | S., But within a few hours all the sites received their specific update.

The question of reinstalling this functionality is considered to be of fundamental importance for a game based on online multiplayer, as well as fixing various issues such as software instability and failure to use. GPU on the computer in a complete way., Correcting various malfunctions that may occur during use, HUD and various bugs. After all, People Can Fly said it continues to work.

Among the issues now placed at the top of priorities is the disappearance of objectscargo: The game’s Twitter account has been active for some time and has announced that the next update will focus on this feature and will be released soon.

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