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Citizen Evil 9: The Last Number of installments of the horror series?

Citizen Evil 9: The Last Number of installments of the horror series?

“Resident Evil Village” is soon the latest branch of Capcom’s cult series that follows the events of “Resident Evil 7”. According to the latest rumor, the next game, Resident Evil 9, may be the main part of the last number of the series.

Will appear in a few weeks “Resident Evil Village” Capcom is the latest in a series of valuable survival horror series. Although the game does not have an “8” in its title, it is the eighth major part of the series, and work is already underway In the ninth chapter History. However, according to current rumors, this may be the last important part of the “Resident Evil” title, which has a number in its name.

Citizen Evil: Do you focus too much on self-contained stories?

It at least says how Gaming Bolt An internal report of the Dusk column in some recent Twitter-Posts. As he explains in it, the stories of “Resident Evil 7”, “Resident Evil 8” (Village) and “Resident Evil 9” were considered together by the developers, thus creating a trilogy, so to speak. In addition, some of the contents of “Citizen Evil 7” should be given additional meaning when looking back through the events in the “village”.

He explains that Capcom plans for key areas of the future “Resident Evil”, however, does not want to continue this figure. Instead of creating big storylines and coherent stories for multiple games at once, after “Resident Evil 9”, the company wants to focus on the little stories that need to be automated.

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In the case of: Citizen Evil Village: Game demo exposed on PlayStation Store database

In the past, Dusk Golem has been right in his comments on some big Capcom topics, which is why there may be something in this news. However, since Capcom has not yet commented on this announcement, this information should be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism.

The eighth major episode of the survival horror series, “Resident Evil Village”, will be released on May 7, 2021 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.


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