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Let’s talk about starting with endangered animal elephants.  Download the primary plan

Let’s talk about starting with endangered animal elephants. Download the primary plan

World Elephant Day was established on August 12, 2012 by the Patricia Sims Canadian and Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand. This is the plan of Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

From that day on, Patricia Sims continued to conceive and supervise World Elephant Day. Since the beginning of her outreach campaign, Patricia Sims has ensured that more than a hundred elephant protection organizations are scattered around the world, reaching out to as many men and women as young and old around the world. In recognition of World Elephant Day, a large number of participants around the world expressed their concern about the plight of elephants, wanting to make sure that people love elephants and do everything possible to rescue them.

Elephants are endangered

The African wild elephant is in great danger, while the African savannah elephant is in danger.

The number of African bush elephants has dropped by more than 88 percent over a 32-year period, while the number of bush elephants has dropped by more than 61 percent over a 51-year period, according to the IUCN, which estimates global endangered species. There are currently 415,000 elephants in Africa, counting the wild and savannah elephants together.

Giving voice to problems that threaten elephants

World Elephant Day is a gathering of organizations and individuals to give voice to the many and varied uncertainties that threaten elephants. His vision of “neutral” communication allows all associations and citizens interested in the event to campaign under the auspices of World Elephant Day, allowing everyone to work together. This comprehensive, important and common voice provides a way for citizens, policymakers, politicians and governments to develop and support maintenance solutions that will restore the world the peaceful space that elephants, wildlife and future generations want.

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An appeal to the public to support organizations that work to prevent poaching

World Elephant Day is a direct call to organizations to stop illegal hunting and trade in ivory and other wildlife products, protect wild elephant habitats, provide sanctuaries and various habitats, and help breeding elephants live freely.

About the World Elephant Association

The World Elephant Association was born in November 2015 as a public organization born for charity, not for profit. As already mentioned, it was designed and then light to help and actively support the annual World Elephant Day campaign. Patricia Sims is currently its Chairperson and, most importantly, Managing Director. In view of the annual World Elephant Day campaign, the World Elephant Association produces and distributes educational news on elephant care worldwide. This news is provided to the public free of charge through various media sites, teacher guides for academic courses and the organization’s website. The goal of the World Elephant Association is to magnify this educational and training commitment each year, which forms the cornerstone of the organization.

Educational work at AU covering

The educational work of this day has forgotten the research and scientific method of epidemiology in the world and especially in Italy, connecting people with nature through unique learning experiences that touch their minds, touching their hearts and encouraging them to accept responsibility for the earth.

In the all-inclusive UDA created for the Monte Argentorio-Giglio Comprehensive Institute of Porto Santo Stefano (Crossetto) Classes 2A, 2B, 2C, the school’s director Dr. Rosa capillary. The authors correctly write in the AU introduction “We started reading the chart book« Elmer in class. It is followed by a series of activities and tasks that touch most areas of the school. ” Elmer elephant

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Pope Francis and the disappearance of plant and animal species

“Every year thousands of plant and animal species disappear, we can no longer know, we can not see our children, they are lost forever. The vast majority of people die for reasons related to most human activities. No right, ”said Pope Francis of the Encyclopedia All praise.

“By us – we finally read in the Encyclopedia Latado Sì – thousands of creatures do not glorify God with their existence, and they cannot convey their message to us. We have no right.”