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Leonidas Reveals New Baguette: Champions of the Vestroya Trailer

Leonidas Reveals New Baguette: Champions of the Vestroya Trailer

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Warner Bros. Games, Spinmaster and Wayford have revealed the fan favorite Pagan Leonidas who will appear in the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Baguio: Champions of Vestroya.

Born directly into the Doom dimension, Leonidas has “surprising yet unknown power and deep resentment towards other pagans.” Only by cultivating trust and friendship can he escape the cursed birth and awaken his true power.

The threatening pagan has three horns – one over two ears and one in the middle of his face – as well as three toes on each foot, three fingers on each hand and a long tail ending in an arrow.

This upcoming Action Roll-Flaming game is called “Final Fighting Fight” and has the opportunity to build your team before fighting individually or online.

With an original story unfolding in the hit TV series, you will have the opportunity to make friends with powerful creatures called pagans, customize pagan teams into fierce strategic battles, and master their skills to become champions of Vestroya. Players can play online in head-to-head multiplayer.

Here is a breakdown of what the game has to offer:

  • Master your pagan fighting skills: Become a Pagan Browling Heroes with the game’s highly competitive and deep action combat system as players build their best Pagan teams. Players can collect pagans by befriending them when they finish exploring the quests. Balance them by fighting in Baguette Travels and watch them grow more powerful as they develop.
  • Create the right team: Gather your strongest pagan three, each with their customizable abilities, and equip paku-gear to build the final team synergy. Baguette comes in a variety of categories, which determine their strengths and weaknesses, and adds depth and another layer of strategy to the conflict.
  • Various contexts to explore: Each fully explored 3D world is divided into different districts. Players can interact with other characters, go on quests and explore with their pagan team through places such as the sunny waterfront, the bustling city or a factory surrounded by malicious enemies.
  • Take over the world: Test your skills against the world in online multiplayer fights using the pagan teams you have coached in your adventure.
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Baguio: Champions of Vestroya will be released exclusively to retailers and the Nintendo Switch for the Nintendo Eshop worldwide on November 3, 2020.


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