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Left-wing Autonomous Pub in Berlin-Friedrichshaine: Riker 94 - Court hears the expulsion case against "Kadershmead" in Berlin.

Left-wing Autonomous Pub in Berlin-Friedrichshaine: Riker 94 – Court hears the expulsion case against “Kadershmead” in Berlin.

On April 26, the regional court will negotiate the eviction of the left-wing autonomous pub “Kaderchsmeet” Riker94 in the occupied house in Berlin-Friedrichshaine. A court spokesman confirmed this on Tuesday.

Shortly before May 1, the regular left and far left demonstration in the evening was a decision that further heated up the mood of the scene. The broadcaster RBB and the “Berliner Morganpost” reported on it.

The homeowner’s action to evict him from the illegally operated bar on the side of the building complex has been going on for a long time. Pub has no lease.

However, in previous actions, the ownership structure has not been adequately clarified. This is different now, thus increasing the chances of the eviction case being successful.

It is unclear whether the court will announce the decision on April 26. In any case, the owner or the operating association may challenge the judgment before the chamber court before the next instance.

Dispute over home inspection

At the same time, the homeowner has been trying for a long time to inspect the barricaded home for a fire safety report. After prolonged political and legal clashes between the Senate administration, the responsible Friedrich Shine-Groesberg district office and the owners, the fire safety test is expected to be carried out in June with the help of the police due to several deadlines. In contrast, residents and their supporters are demanding opposition.

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The house in Ricer Strauss 94 is one of the last signs of left-wing extremism in Berlin. After attacks on police officers, violent criminals re-enter the building.

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Most of the apartments in the buildings have lease agreements, but now it is not clear who lives there, and residents refuse to enter the homeowner, police and responsible authorities. (dpa)