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Gros plan sur Ingenuity. Image prise par la Mastcam-Z de Perseverance le 5 avril 2021, Sol 45. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, ASU

Ignorance does not take many days

During the last test of the Ingenuity rotor, which was supposed to rotate the blades at 2,400 rpm, an anomaly arose, forcing NASA to postpone the flight.

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After an investigation to find out the disappointment experienced during the rotation-test of the sharp knives on April 9, 49 (see details in the article below)e Tuesday Diligence (In view of the trip originally scheduled for April 11), The NASA It was determined that the flight control software needed an update. The space agency says that is a possible “small” change.

“While creating a new software change is straightforward, the process of checking and finishing the upload for ingenuity will take some time.” Information J.P.L.. It’s just a story of days, even weeks (s). Patience.

Meanwhile, all the key signs of a drone-helicopter carrying the first controlled flight in history to another planet are “stable” at this point. The investigation continues.

“Such a technical demonstration is not surprising in the face of the challenges of having to work in real time.” NASA explains.

March: Why the ingenious flight was postponed?

Article Remy Decord Released April 12, 2021

Originally scheduled for this weekend, The Ingenuity Demonstration Plane Postponed to April 14th. NASA delayed the flight, which can be described as historically significant Disorder Occurred during the last test, which saw knivesHelicopter Rotates at about 2,400 revolutions per minute. As NASA clarified in its press release during this large orbital test Speed, Ended earlier than expected due to anomaly when switching from pre-flight mode to on-board system airplane mode. The ingenuity has gone into security mode. A security practice, “he said. In a safe manner Common to most space systems to avoid other breakdowns or malfunctions caused by the domino effect.

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Through diligence, the helicopter hijacked all of it Telemetry, To allow land controllers to understand precisely what happened.

High altitude and long flights

During this first flight, Ingenuity It should rise three small meters above its departure zone and remain at that height for about 40 seconds before touching the bottom. If this first flight goes right, Ingenuity could fly four more planes in early May. In planes two and three, the ingenuity must be very ambitious, and must climb up to five meters and move down 50 meters to its level, i.e., stay away from perseverance to avoid any danger. Accidental conflict.

With the last two attempts, NASA is still planning ambitious, adventurous flights, but without specifying the objectives Thing Travel time and flight cap. Note that due to the time of several minutes of contact between the two planets, the ingenuity cannot be controlled remotely. The program for various aircraft is installed on the helicopter’s board system, but NASA can update them if needed and at any time.

These additional planes are subject to proper operation Solar panel Ingenuity and ingenuity Internal heating, guaranteed Resistance On-board electronics cool, with temperatures dropping to -90 Degrees Celsius That night. By far, the lowest temperature ever measured by diligence is -83 degrees Celsius.

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