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Lee: Download the NHS COVID-19 app and protect yourself and your loved ones |  News

Lee: Download the NHS COVID-19 app and protect yourself and your loved ones | News

Indigenous people in the South are urging people to download the NHS COVID-19 application to help control the spread of coronavirus and to protect themselves and their loved ones as the case numbers increase.

Launched nationally, the app is available in multiple languages ​​for people 16 and older. It’s a central part of the NHS Test and Trace Service in England – to identify contacts who have tested positive for coronavirus.

The contact tracing element of the app works by using the low-power Bluetooth to log in the time you spend with other app users and the distance between you, so it will alert you if anyone close to you later tests the compatibility tests for COVID. -19 – Even if you do not know each other.

If you are in close contact with a verified case, the self-disassembly app will advise you. It allows you to check features, book a free test if needed and get your test results.

Local businesses are also reminded to check whether it is required by law to display NHS test and trace QR codes, so customers with the NHS COVID-19 application can use them to check-in. Legally required to do this are tourism and leisure services such as pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes, hotels and museums, intimate consulting services such as hairdressers and facilities such as libraries, community centers and council buildings.

QR codes help businesses meet their legal requirements to allow public health leads to log in contact details and send alerts based on whether people have checked in on the platforms.

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Krishna Ramkhelavon, Director of Public Health at Southland Council, said: “We urge local people to download and use the free NHS COVID-19 application, another tool in the fight against coronavirus.

“It allows many people with smartphones to find out if they are at risk of catching the virus and whether they need self-isolation. If you have symptoms you can order the test and access the latest guidance and advice. Most people who use it, it works well, so please help protect your loved ones and the local community by downloading the app. ”

Count Trevor Harp said: “Everyone who downloads the app helps protect themselves and their loved ones.

“We remind relevant local businesses to download and display NHS test and trace QR code posters so their customers can log in to their visit. We have a large hospitality and leisure sector in the South, so it is very important and relevant locally. ”

Read more on the NHS website on what to do if you are told to self-isolate via the NHS Test and Trace or the NHS COVID-19 app.

Major UK network operators in the UK, including Vodafone, Three, EE and O2, Sky and Virgin, have confirmed that all activity in the app will not be excluded from the customer data allowance.

The application is designed with user privacy in mind, so it is not a virus to the public and uses data security technology to protect privacy. The system generates a random ID for an individual device that can be exchanged between devices via Bluetooth (not GPS). These unique random IDs are often reproduced to add an extra layer of security and to protect anonymity.

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The application does not contain personal information such as your name, address or date of birth and only the first half of your postcode is required to ensure that it can handle local spread Personal data is not shared with the government or the NHS.

The NHS test and trace team behind the app has worked with leading tech companies, including Google and Apple, scientists from the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Oxford, Zuhlke Engineering, medical experts, privacy groups, and teams from across countries. The world uses similar applications like Germany to develop a safer, simpler and safer application.

Those who do not have access to the application or are able to use a smartphone should continue to use the traditional contact tracing services provided by the NHS Test and Trace.

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