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ClockTuner for Raison (CTR) v1.0 Beta 2 Download

Download ClockTuner for Raizen (CTR), the official download partner for Jupiter 3D for this handy utility that can boost ZEN2 processor performance on your PC

CTR (Clock Tuner for Raison) software allows each user to customize the system with maximum power efficiency. In this case, CTR is fully automated and does not limit the user in actions. This program has a kind of artificial intelligence that helps in any situation and the defense system monitors every step so that your components are not at risk. Despite AMD’s artificial limitations, the CTR is compatible with all motherboards in the AM4 socket. In terms of terms, this is probably one thing – the processor should be based on the Gen 2 architecture. The CTR is made by Jupiter’s Oldtimer 1USMUS.

Please read the guide How to use and set up a clocktuner for Raizen., Do it seriously.

The main principle of this software is to evaluate the quality of each CCX and adjust the frequency encies virtues one by one. The Prime 95 with several special presets assesses the stability of each CCX. The step-by-step frequency algorithm with multiple rules allows you to select the most consistent frequency frequency for all CCXs at once without disturbing the power balance between CCXs. The CTR also includes the plug-in (optional) test package Cinebench R20 from Maxon, which predicts tuning results.

System requirements and preparation for work

  • Build Windows 10 x64 1909-2004;
  • AMD Raizen processor with Gen2 architecture (temporarily not supported by Renault);
  • BIOS with AGESA Combo AM4 (and newer);
  • .NET Framework 4.6 (and newer);
  • CPU voltage – auto (BIOS);
  • CPU multiplayer – Auto (BIOS);
  • SVM (Virtualization) – Disabled (BIOS, optional);
  • Spread Spectrum – Disabled (BIOS, optional);
  • Raison Master 2.3 (uses driver for monitoring);
  • Fixed RAM overclocking or stable XMP.
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The next set of requirements is also mandatory and applies to UEFI (BIOS) settings. Since the success of CTR depends largely on the capabilities of the motherboard VRM (this chapter – link is highly recommended to read), we need to build a kind of foundation in UEFI (BIOS) to keep the system tuning process from BSOD safe.

The most important setting LLC (load line calibration), my recommendations are as follows:

  • ASUS – LLC 3 or LLC 4;
  • MSI – LLC 3;
  • Gigabyte – Turbo in most cases, but it can also be auto;
  • ASRock Auto or LLC 2; Importantly, the CTR is moderately compatible with ASRock motherboards, as all LLC modes show unusually high Vdroop;
  • Biostar – Level 4+.

It is recommended that you use the additional settings for ASUS motherboard owners:

  • Phase mode – standard;
  • Current efficiency mode – 100%;

How to install CTR

  1. Download (download) the CTR archive and unpack it at a convenient location for you.
  2. Download and install Reizen Master 2.3 (Download)
  3. Download the Cinebench R20 (download) archive and store the archive contents in the “CB20” folder (this folder is in the CTR folder).
  4. Run Cinebench R20, Accept License Agreement, Close Cinebench R20.

CTR is ready to work. Questions or suggestions? You can ask them inside This forum topic.

CTR 1.0 Beta 2

  • Fixed “diagnostic” mode. Many improvements should make the diagnosis more secure and smarter. The diagnostic time was also slightly increased.
  • Fixed LLC alerts.
  • OC recommendations (reference voltage and reference frequency) have been changed for some processors.
  • CTR now knows how to notify the user if a problem is found in the monitoring system.
  • New! Ramping system. This system is provided to increase ramp time and reduce current rush. Attempt to save system from BSOD.
  • New! Voltage compensation. A system that replaces Vdroop in the final stages of overclocking or undervoltage. Attempt to save system from BSOD.
  • Fixed (partially) rare bug “CTR not start”.
  • Fixed abnormal cinebench R20 results (voltage or power consumption).
  • Rare bug “Problems reading CBlog.log” fixed.
  • “Edit Profile”. Additional protection of text fields from erroneous actions.
  • Changed the “CCX Delta” (default) for the Raizen 9 3900X.
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