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Leaked Android Samos Returns for Nintendo Switch

Leaked Android Samos Returns for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Website 3DS Title Mroid: Samus Returns leads some to believe it might get a switchboard, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

This switch is owned by many of Nintendo’s biggest owners, but one that is not yet in it Metroid. Metro Prime4 Currently in development, but who knows how long fans will have to wait to come out. However, a new rumor suggests a 3DS game Metroid: Samus Returns Sent to console.

Is rumored Youtube papagenos, Who openly saw Switch playing on Nintendo’s own website. In particular, it comes from a list Super Metroid The skin and screen protector for the switch is set, which uses the image of someone playing on the console, and looks like a cut-out screen Metroid: Samus Returns.

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However, Metroid Fan website ShineSparkers believes it has found evidence to remove this Metroid: Samus Returns Rumor. According to their findings, the product in question contains themes that are compatible with other Nintendo titles. Super Mario Odyssey And Splatoon 2. There are similar images of those products showing the related game running on the switch, except for the pictures of the exaggerated games on the switch screen.

What’s more, the product is available from 2018 and its image Samus Returns It is said to be powered by a switch. If it has been two years, it is safe to say that the port is not real. The film may have been selected to help promote the product, which is an oversight from a 3DS game.

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At the time of writing, Nintendo has not commented on the rumor and the image has not been removed from the website. If Nintendo had done this job Metroid Port, it would have taken the picture down now.

What helped steal this rumor was that Nintendo had inadvertently leaked its own games in the past; In September, it emerged prematurely Kirby Fighters2 Before officially announcing.

What’s more, there are hopes that some of the libraries of the 3DS will be brought to the switch for a while now Metroid: Samus Returns, A connection between worlds And Fire symbol awareness, To offer them a second lease life as they no longer support 3DS.

Such as Metro Prime4, Although there is no definitive information about the game, Retro Studios is engaged in a hiring Throughout the year, its latest rental includes its credentials as a new manufacturer Grand Theft Auto Series And Overwatch.

Metroid: Samus Returns Available on Nintendo 3DS.

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Source: Nintendo Life, Nintendo

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