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The new Super Nintendo controller is available in “very limited quantities”

While Nintendo gave Nintendo Switch online members access to NES games, it also allowed users to purchase NES controllers to use on the switch. When the Super Nintendo games arrived in Switzerland, the Japanese manufacturer released SNES controllers, which were designed to be used in Switzerland. The latter are the victims of their success since liberation.

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Nintendo announces France size “Very limited “ Super Nintendo controllers for the Switch are currently available in the “My Nintendo Store”, its online store. Each copy of the controller sells for 29.99 euros (with a shipping cost of 36.98 euros) and can be purchased This address.

Each time SNES controllers for the switch were found to be in stock at Nintendo’s online store in Europe, they did not last long. Athletes interested in re-running Super Nintendo games with the “real” controller must act quickly. Like NES controllers, only Nintendo Switch online subscribers can purchase a super Nintendo controller per switch.

Nintendo plans to be able to guarantee those who can’t get a controller in a timely manner.New products“It simply came to our notice then.

Switch players, are you planning to get this Super Nintendo controller? If you already have, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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