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Mandatory downloading of Covid app taken off the table

The compulsory download of the Covid app was taken from the table

In the news 23-10-2020 01:00:00 0 Comments

Prime Minister Antonio Costa has taken up the proposed legislation to make the Govit-19 track and Trace of Steve Kovid compulsory download.

It was previously proposed that the new law, such as the mandatory wearing of masks in public places and the compulsory downloading of the application, be debated in Parliament on October 23, but now the law only covers the wearing of masks.

In an interview with TVI, Antonio Costa asked Republican Speaker Fero Rodriguez to withdraw his government diploma appointment, which “determines the mandatory use of a mask for access to public places or permanently and roads”, as well as “compulsory use of the mobile app.” .

However, the PSD awarded the diploma only on the compulsory use of masks in public places. So, if there is a consensus on masks, we will legislate on masks, ”he said.

According to Antonio Costa, two of the government’s plans to strengthen precautionary measures against Govt-19 in the country were found to have a reasonable consensus on the compulsory use of masks on public roads. The compulsory download of the app faced a large amount of criticism.

“As far as the application is concerned, it would be useful for the Republican Legislature to conduct all inquiries put forward by the Socialist Party to reflect on this topic. I think there is nothing better than a great debate and conclusion in this matter. Will not be responsible, ”the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has launched a platform to share information on the first national applications to warn and monitor contacts within the borders of COVIT-19, which has only four member states, and Portugal is said to be able to join in November.

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At the request of member states, the European Commission created an EU-wide body to ensure the integration of various communication monitoring applications in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The system has already gone live with the first wave of national applications connected through this service, and includes ‘Corona-Warne-off’ from Germany, ‘Covit Tracker’ from Ireland and ‘Imuni’ from Italy.

Brussels guarantees full respect for the protection of citizens’ personal data and the information will be stored for a maximum of 14 days and is “completely anonymous and encrypted”.

This access service ensures that applications operate across borders without restrictions.

Therefore, users only need to install one app, and when they move to another European country to participate, they will continue to benefit from tracking contacts and receive alerts both domestically and abroad.