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Samsung: A new message for all Galaxy owners

Samsung: A new message for all Galaxy owners

Samsung has removed ads on the other two Galaxy apps. More applications are now to be followed.

In August, there was Samsung

Remove ads on pre-installed apps on Galaxy smartphones. According to users from South Korea, these programs are now implemented in other applications as well. That

At least After the first announcement, the ad disappeared from the pre-installed weather app. Since October 1, 2021, no promotional messages have appeared on the Samsung Bay and Samsung Health apps. Samsung has that too

South Korean forum post
Officially confirmed. Users report that this significantly improves the loading speed of applications.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But that shouldn’t take long. Next, Samsung wants to remove the ad from the Samsung Themes app.

Samsung listens to customers and its own employees

Samsung smartphones are expensive and it is very annoying if buyers are annoyed by advertising in pre-installed Samsung apps. A Samsung employee raised the issue with Samsung mobile boss DM Rowe at a town hall meeting in August. He announced that advertising on Samsung apps should be removed with One-UI updates.

At the time, according to DM Rowe, they were looking for new development opportunities in content and advertising services to strengthen the Galaxy ecosystem. Updating the customer experience on this basis is the most important task. A Samsung spokesman later said reviews from his own staff were “absolutely necessary” for the company’s success and further growth.

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