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Did you initially open Zebroth at Super Smash Brothers Ultimate?

Did you initially open Zebroth at Super Smash Brothers Ultimate?

Nintendo took an interesting approach with their latest DLC fighter Zebro. Instead of a blanket release date for the One-Winged Angel that fits everyone, Nintendo gave enthusiastic players the opportunity to open up to him by confronting Zephyr in a consistent survival battle, which many players missed out on the DLC list like regular Unlock Wars. The snatching of Zebrot a few days ago gave the players the opportunity to start practicing a new sword-based character (hmm…) right now, but my question is, did you really take advantage of this opportunity, or did you wait for yesterday? Official release date?

Although I was very excited to try out a new DLC character, I only ended up opening Zebroth. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate A few hours earlier. Although I did not take Zebro for a whirlwind at a considerable beginning, it was still nice to see the opening battles return. I hope this becomes a norm for some of the remaining DLC ​​characters.

Did you open Zeboth early? Super Smash Brothers Ultimate? Want to see a similar event for the next DLC fighter? Let us know in the comments below.

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