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Kirby et le monde oublié

Kirby and the Forgoten World – Game demo available on the Nintendo Eshop

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The Kirby and the Forgotten World demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop. As a reminder, the game is scheduled for release on March 25th.

It is time for all players to discover the Transmorphism mode and especially the many forces of Kirby. During your adventure in Kirby and the forgotten world, you will have to overcome many challenges related to the site. According to the game demo that is coming out today, it allows you to discover the three levels of the first world of the game. It will also be an opportunity to face the first boss of the game. Discover the universe of the game before purchasing it.

Players who decide to find a demo of the game will receive a usable prize code by purchasing the final version. The prize code will allow players to access various items in the game. It will also be an opportunity to discover Kirby’s powers, for example, by absorbing objects from the real world and allowing them to be used to clear obstacles. Solve puzzles. For example, a bulb to generate light.

You can play the game on the same console with one of your friends.

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