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Star Fox 64

Former Nintendo designer Takaya Imamura calls Star Fox 64 the game of his life – Endeavor

The designer announced in January Takaya Imamura Leaving Nintendo for over thirty years in various activities (We reported). As a character designer, Imamura was significantly involved in many of the group’s projects. In particular, the character ideas of the Star Fox and F-Zero series go back to Imamura’s work.

In a detailed interview IGN Imamura has now commented on its role in the development of two Nintendo brands. So according to Nintendo’s estimate, we can already report to you Will be interested in the new part of the F-Zero series, But it is not clear how such a plan could be realized.

With the exception of F-Zero, Imamura in particular was in the works Star Fox 64 The central part of the interview with IGN is called here in this country Lilot Wars For Nintendo’s home console at the time. Nintendo 64 relaunch in Germany Star Wing The published game Imamura describes backwards as its most important project:


Star Fox 64 is the game of my life. It was a resume, but by using many ideas that we could not implement in the original, we were able to expand the scope of the game. From writing the plot to the game dynamics and graphics I worked very hard on this game. I told the composers what kind of music I wanted for the game.

At the time of the release of the Star Fox 64, games on the first PlayStation could be rated with complex cutouts that did not fit on the Nintendo 64 modules due to memory requirements. The design of the title attempted to create a cinematic experience without Cutskens:


In Star Fox 64, the characters communicate via radio, so the low sound quality does not detract from the atmosphere of the game. Games with elaborate cutscenes have become the new norm on the PlayStation, but as we implement more cinematic features, we eventually want to focus on the interactive process. The story will change depending on the player’s score, and the world will be more alive by allowing the characters to talk to each other. We wanted a game where you could feel like you were watching a movie while enjoying the interactivity.

What memories do you associate with Star Fox 64? Need a new Star Fox for the Nintendo Switch?

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