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Kevin Kohnert is only in third place: Berlin SPD - Michael Mல்லller tops Berlin's bandestock list

Kevin Kohnert is only in third place: Berlin SPD – Michael Mல்லller tops Berlin’s bandestock list

The ruler of Berlin should head the Berlin SPD’s Bundestock list. Party circles confirmed the doctrinal on Monday. Kevin Kohnert, the first Juso leader, was also interested in first place, so he will compete for third place on the list. Rbb first announced.

Twelve district presidents and co-workers negotiated as the plan of two state leaders, Francisco Kifi and Reid Saleh, was said to have failed. A candidate for the fight between Kohnard and M முller should be avoided – because both camps do not know how it will end.

Eventually, six more left-wing district associations merged: Friedrichshine-Groesberg, Staklitz-Jahlendorf, Templehoff-Schonberg, Liechtenberg and Mitte agreed to a list of candidates with Mல்லller’s Charlottenburg-Wilmerstorf district association. Friedrichshine-Groesberg-based Puntestock Cancel Kisildep is set to compete in second place behind former member M முller.

To fourth on the list Former Juso Regional President Annika Klose It comes from the left of the party as well as Koh Nard and Kisildep.

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State leaders and some other district associations would have liked to see the Bundestag candidate from Trepo-Copenic and Ana-Maria-Trasnia in this place. This is considered practical.

According to reports, the fifth place will go from Stecklitz-Jehlendorf to Rupert Stowe. Newcolon candidate Hakan Demir may also want to run here, and a former member of the Bundestock class Mindroop may still apply for the position. Anja Ingenfleek, the district chairwoman from Liechtenberg, appears to be in sixth place.

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Candidates are to be selected at the state party convention on April 24. At the state executive committee meeting held in the evening, it was decided to hold the party convention digitally due to the contagious situation. List places will have a digital pre-poll, which must be confirmed by a subsequent postal vote. Candidates must sign in advance to acknowledge the outcome of the digital pre-poll.