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KEK team wins

KEK team wins

Over the weekend of June 4th to 6th, Gerdor is hosting the 2021 edition in ZLAN at Lyon. The trio will face more than 10 games selected by nearly 200 players in this tournament and an amazing game, specific rules designed for this event. Throughout the event, Gerdor will provide commentary and stream from various stages of the competition with various guests such as Tamtam, Liege, Moman and Mr.MV.

The main stream of the Z Lawn

Z Lane Secondary Streams

Z Lawn Plan

Z Lawn 2021 will take place on June 4, 5 and 6 this year in Lyon for three days of non-stop clashes, in a fully equipped and decorated space for the event, which will respect both prohibition gestures and measure social distance.

  • Thursday 03/06 – 19 h: Installation
  • Friday 04/06 – 12 noon: Installation
  • Friday 04/06 – 19 h: Group Status: Part 1
  • Saturday 05/06: Team Level: Part 2 + Round 16 + Quarterfinal
  • Sunday 06/06: Semi-Final + Grand Final

Form of Z Lawn

This time, the match is undergoing some changes. In a total of 11 events, 3 players (in 3V3 format) 192 players will compete against each other, in a total of 11 events, for a total of $ 50,001 in cash prizes, including the first $ 45,000. New to this version, the three players will be seen competing with each other in the design of the Z Lane 2021! Divided into different groups, they have to recover as many points as possible to try to qualify for the finals. Z knock winners will be followed by a knockout tree to crown them.

  • 1st group level : 192 players (64 trio) divided into 8 teams of 8 teams. The first two lines from each group qualify for the remaining matches.
  • Classic wood in direct removal : 16 Trio | 16th Round – Quarter Final – Semi-Final – Grand Final.
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Z Lawn will see 192 players, divided into three and competing with each other, they have to play in 11 different games, specifically, trying to win 50,001! Cash prize distribution here:

  • 1st Trio :, 000 45,000
  • 2nd Trio: 3 003
  • 3rd and 4th trio: 999

Z Lawn Levels and Results

Playoff tree

Z Lawn Ranking at the end of the second day


Chickens for Z Lawn 2021 are here:

Z LAN Game List

Games / Events To Play:

  • Walheim
  • Warcraft III: Revised
  • Tests are rising
  • Trachemia
  • Quake Live
  • Agricultural Simulator
  • Geokusr
  • Butlerite Royal
  • Butlerite
  • Worms WMD
  • Surprise Game (Final Only)