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Is the trailer coming?  Official site reveals PEGI classification -

Katokawa Recommended Release Date, New Video Leaked Spreads on the Web –

A new six-second snippet Elton Ring, Software and the most anticipated game from Miyazaki. The leak you can see below, a Short section of video Through this we can identify two game systems. In addition, from the parent company of the software, Katokawa Corporation Possible release date of the game.

First, let’s point out that these six seconds of the Elton Ring leaks have become clear Video designed to show only locally, Probably the same as it was at the center of the leak last March. For this reason, it is quite possible Part of the game is complete and not representative of the final quality of the game. So, we add that the quality of this gif is not high No judgment can be rendered About what we can see. Apparently, the show is actually part of the Elton Ring, which we can not fully confirm.

Most interesting, however, is the information obtained from the most recent financial statement of the Katokawa Corporation. The parent company of the software claims to expect Release new games in the current fiscal year, i.e. by March 31, 2022. It is not said that the Elton Ring is included in this estimate, but it is possible that part of the report is dedicated.

The Elton Ring is presented in Gadagova’s report, which “follows the path of the Dark Souls series and has sold over 27 million copies worldwide” which explains that it is an action-packed game. The game was co-created with fiction writer George R. R. Martin, who wrote masterpieces such as “I Song of Ice and Fire”, based on the “Game of Thrones”. In addition, Elton Ring proposes a “dark fantasy system”. That’s it “From the best game of software in terms of pure size”.

So it seems that Elton Ring is really the biggest game. Growth may have been slower than expected. Gaddafi says some of the company’s games have been delayed due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Again, the company did not specifically mention the Elton ring, but it is credible that it was included. Says VGC Close sources from the software confirm that Elton Ring has met with several internal recommendations For this reason.

Elton Ring: Leaked and rumored, when will the official announcement come?

With a possible release by April 2022, it is plausible that the Elton Ring is approaching a time New (true) announcement. The last official appearance of the video game is before E3 2019. There are statements in support of this hypothesis Jeff Groop and Jason Schreier believe he should not be seen too much. Is E3 2021 the moment chosen by the F3 software to fully reveal the game?

In the latest leak, there was talk of classes, general tests and other details in the Elton Ring.

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