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Kama Sutra is the face changing game developer -

Kama Sutra is the face changing game developer –

Kama Sutra, A site that has been a reference point for video game developers for twenty-five years, is about to change its face Game Developer. Chris Croft, the current editor-in-chief of Kamasutra’s pages, made the announcement, promoting the choice with the intention of removing the name as a result of a misunderstanding and considered it more embarrassing than one. Compliance with the Kama Sutra.

Kraft said there were many situations in which the name Kamasutra was embarrassing, namely when a developer had to sue before government representatives to ask for funding or when a game design teacher recommended it to his students. And you want to eliminate that meaning Sexual comedy This was fine in the late 90s, but the current moments do not apply to the context in which the site wants to be represented and to a section of the community as a whole.

So starting this Thursday the Kamasutra will no longer be there and the game developer will be launching on (currently being redirected to Kamasutra) with completely updated graphics.

Apparently many Developers They took the message well, were relieved by the name change, and the new one had a very professional look. The name change will also lead to a change above: Kraft will leave the post of editor-in-chief to Alyssa McLean, for whom all our best is going.

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