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Colin Golberg

JVFR: It’s (again) over

This is an opportunity to thank our teachers for providing high quality work, unwavering encouragement, permanent availability and exceptional work environment. In both Clubby and JVFR, they were actively involved in the development of the video game division despite the widespread surgery and unhelpful health crisis. We can all be proud of the work accomplished. Most of them worked at the club before JVFR started, and will continue to work with us.

Thanks to the builders, publishers and great PRs who have exchanged thousands (millions?) Of emails or phone calls with us. They trusted us at Clubic and followed JVFR.

However, Clubic did not sever ties with video games, and handles segmentation with more focus on equipment and services than ever before. PCs, consoles, components, devices, cloud gaming will be discussed through news, tests and comparisons. We are also looking for good feathers here.

The final word is reserved for our readers. Thank you for your support, loyalty and your trolls. JVFR’s new community is small, but strong, your feedback to us Survey March was the most favorable month, and the decision to close the site is still difficult.

Thanks, good luck and hope the Summer Sports Festival excites us!

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