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Bow and Arrow 2.0: High-tech solution always hits the mark

Bow and Arrow 2.0: High-tech solution always hits the mark


Who will start to shoot with this bow will be sure: the arrow will not lose its target. A youtuber’s crazy plan in the video.

Without looking: Autobo always achieves its goal. (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

  • The YouTube channel Stuff Made Here shows an automatic curve with Autoba.
  • Thanks to the remarkable achievement of engineering, the arrow will always hit its target, even when it is moving.

The Stuff Mad Hood YouTube channel presents the end of emotional tinkering: a self-shooting bow that never loses its target! This project can be viewed as a sequel. In other clips on the channel, are robots Cheated Playing golf or billiards is shown.

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“This guy wants me to be an engineer. That video will affect a lot of young people” or “Absolutely brilliant”: If you slip the comments below into this video it becomes clear that this is an extraordinary idea felt with devotion.

You are looking for a solution to a problem that cannot be very tricky. This is because even for a person it is very difficult to hit the bow and arrow from a distance with the so-called bulls in the middle of the disc.

If the object to be hit also moves, it becomes even more tricky. The archer must indicate where the object is, not where it is.

A few millimeters of deviation from the target or a tenth of a second late archery can destroy the shot.

In order to technically solve this problem, YouTube uses 3D printers and high-performance cameras, servo motors and mini-robots and writes a program that can deal with this flood of information.

You can see the video and many, sometimes painful setbacks. Still not high enough engineering skills? Then look at you This squirrel curriculum of a former NASA employee A.

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