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Jenshin's Impact "Business Wind Call" has a site and describes its previous download

Jenshin’s Impact “Business Wind Call” has a site and describes its previous download

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Jenshin Impact version 1.4 is upon us with its first event, the “Business Wind Invitation”, so it’s time to get ready to receive this massive content.

After describing a new type of story search, They were placed in a place called «Escapes», Myhoyo Dedicated site May give you an overview of the spring event where you can find the 5 star curve Ultimate Sigh.

But that’s not all, the studio is ready to download version 1.4, which is already ready for download Site. There are several ways to do this, depending on your site.

On the system:

Here, nothing complicated. Simply update your launcher and a new button will appear to start the pre-download. However, remember to restart your launcher version 1.4, the day it was released on March 17th.

On iOS and Android:

There are two methods available to you. The first is to go through the Byman menu in the other settings.

Kensh's impact

The second one calls the pre-download button waiting on the login screen on the left.

Kensh's impact

While the methods are the same for both types of smartphones, the rest are slightly different. When update 1.4 is released, Android gamers will need to start the game and follow the commands prompted on the screen, then iOS users will first need to go to the Game Update tab. ‘App Store.

You are now fully equipped for the expected “Business Wind Invitation” release on March 17th on PC, PS4 and mobile.

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Kensh's impact